Joy for Your Garden: Receive the Ladybugs

Many times the presence of an insect in our garden or orchard makes us think the worst: that if we are facing a pest, that if it is devouring the leaves or that if our plants may be sick.

Although in most cases we can be right, there are numerous insects and microorganisms that live in our garden and that are a sign that we are doing well.

The ladybug, for example, is one of the most beneficial insects for our garden or garden, and that is why we must do everything possible to attract it to it or allow it to stay.

Here we tell you all about her.

As cheerful as its colors

They are small, round-bodied and very cheerful. Its bright colors make up the range of reds, yellows, and oranges, a color that is accompanied by small black dots on its shell.

In addition to warm in appearance, ladybugs are very kind to you and your ecosystem. In fact, this small insect that measures between 4 and 7 millimeters in length can be the delight of your garden, since they feed on numerous pests of harmful insects for your crops.

Ladybugs have wings that allow them to jump from plant to plant and act as a pest repellent in the area where they are.

Benefits of having ladybugs

  • If you have pests such as aphids, mites, mealybugs, caterpillars or thrips, receiving ladybugs will free you from them, because they feed on all of them. That is why they are excellent controllers of the population. In fact, a single adult ladybug can devour up to 150 aphids in a single day.
  • A ladybug can live up to 1 year, so with each specimen, we ensure an ally in the garden for quite some time.
  • They hibernate for a while, but it usually coincides with the time when fewer species endure the weather due to frost, so they will be awake and performing their new cycle as soon as you start planting new seeds.
  • For all this, we can say that the main benefit of ladybugs is to achieve a natural method of pest control (what is known as biological control) without spending money on expensive products and, above all, without harming the environment.

How to attract ladybugs?

There are many ways to attract them to the garden area or to your garden, balcony or terrace. Here we tell you how to make your home a safe place and how to pay for them so that they don’t want to leave it:

  1. The first thing they need is a place to take refuge. For example, building a small house would be a good option to hide from their predators and hide when there are adverse weather conditions.
  2. Second, you can make room in your garden for some plants that attract your presence. Some of them are geraniums or dandelions, as well as coriander.
  3. Since we talk about attracting them by planting new species, remember to leave some striking flowers to feed on pollen.
  4. Respect their larvae. Although many pest insects can appear in the form of a larva to harm your plants, you should not confuse these with the larvae of ladybugs. It is easy if you know how to recognize them since they are elongated and with hair, although yes, they do not look anything like adult ladybugs.
  5. In short, take care of them and let them do the hard work.

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